The lion of the Pitch

“The tactical intervention of the modern goalkeeper & fixed visual references”

Goalkeeping coaching involves the sharing of information and creating good training habits for goalkeeper students. During the early stage, coaches will create simple functional communication suggestions, such as “you have to talk and you have to order your defense”, but usually the message does not tell you what to do or say, because of that, the goalie ends up cheerleading his team that serves little to the defensive task of his team.
Taking time with the goalie and his defenders is highly recommended, the question is simple enough to ask the defenders what information would be useful and work with the goalie to find the best way to supply it, establish codes between them and very important to alert a defender when we are giving information away to the opponent.

Another very important aspect is location and game tracking, being well placed with today’s speed of play is a major factor and perhaps the most important one in the role of a modern goalkeeper.
That is why it is advisable to recognize the fixed visual references and know how to use them, to be always in the correct position.

The tactical intervention of the goalkeeper, Fixed visual references determined by a set of factors that could be roughly determined in the following way:

  1. The position of the ball-keeper
  2. The distance he is in,
  3. The position of our defenders
  4. The position of the opposing strikers possible recipients of a pass.

To Analyze the threat that emerges from these variables is the function that determines the intervention of the goalkeeper. As always, the most important is the ball, it is advisable to establish the location of the goalkeeper with respect to the location of the field where the ball is located as a starting point to establish location principles.

Fundamental principles the last lines govern the front lines, as such the goalie is the Lion on the “soccer pitch” the most important player of the sport.

As the goalie is the most important player of the sport one should:

  1. Establish the rhythm of play and dynamic of the team.
  2. He should realize that he is the only player that can hold on to the ball for a specific amount of time giving way to allow for his teammates to get in to position that will suffice the tactical element or surprising element during the game.
  3. With possession of the ball has the possibility to think with more time, where he is to distribute the ball.
  4. As the last man and furthest away from the ball goalies have a vantage point and more clarity to see the evolution of the opponents game
  5. Defensive organization of the team is of an essence
  6. The less the goalie has action the more he has been successful they are organizing the defence and playing the game in front of him with mastery.
  7. Set pieces, re starts or immediate threats are part of every goalies task to neutralize the opponents play.
  8. Analize every moment to se what is happening, localize the advantages seeked by the opponent and prepare your self adequately for the incoming threat of the opponent with your teams defensive attributes.
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Andres Gomez

Gomez professional playing career spanned three professional clubs in all 3 US Soccer Profesional league divisions, USL Pro Select Westchester Flames, USL First Division Puerto Rico Islanders and MLS, NY/NJ MetroStars.

Gomez is a current member of the US SOCCER COACHES ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA and is a USSF National “B” Licensed Coach which he earned in Thousand Oaks, California.

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